How does it work

Optimization TV is a potent software package that will prove useful for SEO specialists and webmasters. The service includes all the necessary tools for website analysis and optimization. Also we have algorithms for complex website promotion.

Upon addition of your website to the system, you’ll be provided with the following data about the website:

  • Automated competitor analysis. You’ll be provided with a comparative table reflecting SEO results of your and your competitors’ websites.
  • A semantic core. The system automatically generates an extensive semantic core.
  • Top-notch automatic suggestions for text writing. The system analyzes the pages of your website and indicates which words from the semantic core are already used and which ones are missing.
  • Automatic analysis of subqueries. The system regularly monitors search results not only for optimized queries, but also for subqueries in order to track the progress of the whole site. This means that you can always see a total amount of queries for which the site is visible and their average ranking.

To start working with the system, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Sign up, add a website to the system and SEO keywords;
  • Set the budget for permalinks. Permalinks are extremely useful links that will be manually bought by our admin at top ranked sites. By permalinks, we mean completely new blog posts, adding links to already existing thematically relevant posts, and posting comments to existing relevant posts.
  • You can replenish the balance and start optimization or ask us for a free test. In the latter case, we will manually replenish your balance in order to introduce you to our service.

Prices for SEO services

We work on the “pay per performance” basis. The cost of the promotion depends on the current position of the site: if the site is not in the TOP-10, then the cost of the promotion will be 5-10 times lower.
To estimate the cost of SEO services, use our price calculator: